Tuesday, 24 January 2012


wa'alaikumusalam w.b.t

shhhuuuuussshhhh!!!don't say anything..just type it properly.hehehe..wow,u got a fans "mirka aziz" and i just ordinary person that people like to know, to laugh and to be friends.hehehe...my clumsy and blurry- Zulaikha a.k.a A'a.hehehe

really dully?!hehe

This is my handphone wallpaper

The most feveret picture
the best and funniest talk that i have
maybe only this for today...later i don't know also.hehehe..you share to them..i share it with you.hehehe

Episod 2
Qaseh: yela,awk mmg reti wt sy geram j
Cyg: da 2 je sy reti.hehe
Qaseh: mcm la yg laen xreti
Cyg: byk ag reti.tp xshebt awk yg reti tu
Qaseh: pe yg hbat?pe yg sy reti?
Cyg: reti wt blur,sy xreti.hehe

Episod 1
Sy: awk skew at cani ea
Awk: bwt pe lax?
Sy: yela,bwt sy geram.smpi sy da xd darah da
Awk: wah,bkn sy sdut p0n darah awk
Sy: mmg r.tp  ble geram mke kn merah.da asek geram j abez r darah
Awk: cm2 lax?sy kan ad
Sy: npe,awk nk drma darah utk sy ea
Awk: xla,nk s0h nyamuk.dowg kn byk darah.haha
Sy: kne lg.eeuuukk

P/S: 1st time de owg sggup kekn diri sndiri tok wt sy gelak.thnks a lot..tharu gn snyumn.hehe


  1. yuhuu..specky knon.ce teka jari qaseh tnjuk no bpe?..due ke peace??nmpk x??haha

  2. gmba mne 1?!y ni tunjuk pnumbuk..lg pn qaseh xreti math..cne nk taw brape.hehehe